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Judy Nelson

Judy Nelson is a clairvoyant, energy healer, and a graduate of the Gaia Apprenticeship.  Judy currently has a thriving private practice in Santa Monica, California, that reaches world-wide through the wonders of modern technology.  She teaches specialized in-person meditation, healing, and intuitive courses in Santa Monica and Tokyo, Japan.  Judy is co-author of the book Sound Healing:  Ease Chronic Pain.  Look for her new book coming out in 2019!  Judy’s joy is to help people find their true selves, and therefore their true path in life.  She will be offering her services and herbal consultations at the Wild Love Apothecary on Saturdays.

Palm readings and tarot readings with Judy are 30 minutes for $65.00 and 60 minutes for $125. Click here to book and pay for a session



Born and raised in the northwest of England, the son of a baker and code breaker. It was only at nine, when I realized that not everybody sees spirit in full form, nor hears them. Over the past sixty years, traveling the world, I've honed my gift of spiritual advising.

My Work: I am actually known as a" facilitator " explaining to my clients where their lives have been and where, with a little help & homework, (every client gets homework. THIS HOMEWORK IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE SESSION) to enable you, the client, reach your fullest potential. A rich and full life does NOT mean being a workaholic.  Also filling your day with good energy,  includes sleeping/napping.

A favorite mantra of mine is:  STOP thinking and START doing.

Nigel brings his unique gifts to Wild Love Apothecary every Friday. Book in advance to secure your spot.

Tarot readings with Nigel are 30 minutes for $65.00 and 60 minutes for $125. Click here to book and pay for a session