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A Conversation on Love + Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony

A Conversation on Love + Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony

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A Conversation on Love with Anne Lloyd

Love is an intrinsic human emotion, yet it can seem mystical, elusive and difficult to articulate. How do you define love? What does it really mean to you? Why is it important? How do you cultivate it?

We rarely speak honestly about love and how it has shaped us into the people we are today. We rarely share our stories about love, whether they are positive or negative, and we rarely explore the difficulties of learning to truly love who we are – for loving oneself is the highest frequency/vibration there is.

London based Relationship + Career Coach Anne Loyd dives deep into a conversation about love and invites an honest dialogue about what love means to you. Perhaps you want to create love in your life or wish to nurture the love you have. Maybe you have lost love or feel frustrated by love. Perhaps you long to truly love who you are but don’t know how. Real life stories, ancient teachings and modern science are woven through this conversation together, followed by a…

Heart Opening Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony with Jacqui Lalita
You are invited to join us for a heart opening, consciousness expanding cacao and blue lotus ceremony.  During our journey we will meditate together and journey to healing songs, poetry, drumming and the wisdom within our hearts.  In addition to the traditional Mayan cacao drink, I also offer prepare a platter of deliciously decadent raw chocolates in different flavors so we can deeply enjoy the bliss of cacao's medicine.    Cacao is not a psychedelic experience, but rather helps to open the heart and invoke clarity and inspiration.   It is common for participants to experience beautiful healing, insights and inspiration, as well as lucid dreams on the night of the ceremony and a feeling of renewed energy in the days after.