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How to Make Medicinal Ghee with William Jackson

How to Make Medicinal Ghee with William Jackson


Host: William Jackson

Date and Time: December 16th, 11am-1pm

Cost of Workshop: $25/door, $20/pre-registration

Ghee is clarified butter, safe even for those who are lactose intolerant. When you combine ghee with medicinal herbs you get medicinal ghee, only now the properties of that plant or herbs you infused the ghee with will now be made more bio-available, driven deeper into the tissues of the body and, in some cases, made more readily accessible to the brain. This workshop will teach new and seasoned herbalists how to make their own medicinal ghee, a kind of golden condiment, from transforming the butter into ghee itself, to combining this precious liquid with tonic herbs for ingestion. Students will then be able to take this knowledge home and brew their own batch medicinal ghee as they, their family, friends, clients or the Seasons require it.

Please bring: notebook, journal, pens, mug, etc

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