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Dreamwork & Herbs

Dreamwork & Herbs



October 26th & 27th

Saturday, 1:00 - 5:00 pm

Sunday, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Nature has provided us with beautiful herbs to relax us and drop us into deeper dream states.  Dreams are a powerful way for the spiritual self to communicate with you and lead you to greater personal insight.  Experience non-hallucinogenic herbal teas that gently open the gateway to your dreams.  Learn the spiritual language of your dreams, how to access the information contained in them, and how to use “lucid dreaming” to deepen your journey towards self-realization.  Participants are asked to write down and bring a dream to the workshop that they wish to access during the course.  The imagery and symbolism in the dream will be explored through guided meditation and dialogue with each aspect contained in the dream - the setting, the characters, the events, and the outcome - to receive messages from the subconscious psyche and the Higher Spiritual Self to achieve the highest level of insight and guidance. After this course, participants can do DreamWork groups in their community or with individuals who seek to uncover the messages in their dreams.  Participants should bring a mug, their journal, and 1-2 dreams they have written down, even if it is just part of a dream that they remember.

Herbal teas incorporated in the workshop:  Kava; Damiana; Egyptian Blue Lotus; Passionflower.

$90 advance / $110 day of

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