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Flower Essence Energy Healing

Flower Essence Energy Healing

  1. The Earth is our supreme healer, as it has given us natural remedies for all of our health needs.

Flower Essences are among the most beautiful, effective, and enjoyable energies on the planet to use in healing, as their energy naturally harmonizes the mind, body, and soul.

This course presents the healing properties of Flower Essences from various parts of the world, as well as how to use the elemental energy of the Flower Essences to heal and balance the body, chakras and the aura through energy healing with your hand chakras.

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Join us for Flower Essence Energy Healing with Judy Nelson

June 29th-30th

Saturday 1pm-5pm

Sunday 10am - 2pm

Early Bird $125 until June 1st! $150 after June 1st. Strict 72hr refund policy.

What you’ll learn:

Participants will learn to do an intake with their client to determine physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues or blockages.  Then they will choose the flower essences they wish to match to those issues to help start moving out the blockages and bringing in balance.  Each Participant will receive a spiritual flower essence healing master to work with - a spirit guide who is a specialist in flower essence energy healing.  The healing master will work in tandem with the Participant through the back of their hand chakras.  It is a very healing experience for the healer, too.  Participants will do full energy healings on each other to practice the skills, clearing and balancing the body, chakras, and aura.  After taking this course, Participants can start doing full energy healings using these techniques.  Participants will also receive a PowerPoint handout with step-by-step instructions and some recommended flower essences to work with, just to get them started if they have never worked with flower essences before or don't know much about them.

Excerpt from an article on Judy’s Flower Essence Healing:

Here is a real-life experience of the power of Flower Essence healing!  My client was a woman in her late 20's, and she was a very creative and sensitive soul.  She always had a lot of difficulty staying in her body, and she easily felt overwhelmed by the day-to-day issues of life.  Usually, she was able to handle her emotions and maintain a good job. However, about a year after she was married, she fell deeply in love with another man.  She felt guilty, confused, and overwhelmed.  She came to me in tears and said that she was having trouble sleeping and doing a good job at work because her mind felt “all messed up.”  In our first healing session, I felt her chakras, and they felt wobbly and fractured, as if the chakras were “broken.”  Because her ancestry was European, I chose to use the energy of the Bach Flower Essences, as they originate in Britain and her energy vibration felt in harmony with them.  First, I filled her first chakra, the chakra of grounding, with the Flower Essence energy of Elm to calm her feelings of overwhelm. This grounded her, and got her centered in her body and her Higher Spiritual Self with her.  Next, I filled her aura with the Flower Essence energy of Scleranthus to clear her confusion so she could decide what to do.  Lastly, I filled her crown chakra, the chakra of ownership of this body and this life as her own, with the Flower Essence energy of Mimulus, to help her face her fears, listen to her heart, and take control of her emotions. Within 2 days, she contacted me and told me that she had decided to leave her husband, and no matter how it turned out with the other man, she knew that she did not love her husband in the way that honored him as the love of her life.  She neutrally told him that she was leaving, and to her surprise, he was relieved!  It turned out that he, too, had met someone else and fallen in love, and he had been feeling guilty and confused too.  So they were meant to be apart, and the Flower Essences helped her become clear for both of them.  They both moved on to be with their new loves, but they have remained friends.  So this is a Flower Essence story with a very happy ending.

More about Judy:

Judy Nelson is an intuitive reader, healer, and herbalist in the Gaia tradition of Plant Spirit Medicine.  Judy has been a teacher of intuitive and metaphysical studies for over 20 years, and she currently teaches in the Los Angeles area and Tokyo, Japan.  You can also find her at the Wild Love Apothecary in Topanga, CA doing Herbal Palm Readings and Tarot Readings most Saturdays. Judy is the owner of Mt. Shasta Botanicals, which offers a variety of herbal tonics.   For more information about Judy and her products and services, go to www.judyenelson.com Unleashing Human Potential or www.mtshastabotanicals.com