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Medicinal Mushrooms in our Modern World

Medicinal Mushrooms in our Modern World


Medicinal Mushrooms in Our Modern World: Exploring the Ancient Uses, Contemporary Research + Modern Health Benefits of Fungi

Learn the essentials of working with medicinal mushrooms (reishi, chaga, turkey tail, cordyceps and lions mane) in every day applications and how they each uniquely benefit your health. We will be covering the ancient and contemporary uses  but also the latest findings from modern research and clinical studies as well as how to navigate the growing medicinal mushroom supplement industry to source the best and most effective products. Extraction processes will be demonstrated, including the double extraction with water and alcohol solvents. Participants will have multi-sensory explorations and tastings of each mushroom and will go home with delicious recipes to bring mushrooms into your daily routine. 

Wild Love Apothecary, Topanga, 11:30am-2pm, $65 advance / $75 at door

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Jess Starwood—clinical herbalist, forager, and plant based wild food chef—is the owner of SunRaven Apothecary in Thousand Oaks, California which offers a wildcrafted and organic line of herbal and medicinal mushroom products. She also teaches classes and workshops for adults and children, and hosts multi-course wild food dinners and tasting events to the community. With her lifelong passion for nature and plants, Jess has studied natural health and herbal medicine for over 15 years and has a Masters of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. Wild Love Apothecary is proud to be a local retailer of SunRaven Apothecary products.

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