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Rootdoctoring: Hoodoo for Magick & Medicine

Rootdoctoring: Hoodoo for Magick & Medicine


This 2-day workshop will introduce practitioners to roots and herbs exclusive to Eastern medicine, spirituality, and esotericism along with those shared with the West and how these plants may be used in the tradition of Hoodoo for both outer and inner accomplishments. We will be discussing how herbs common, or totally unknown, to the western Hoodoo, Rootworker or herbalist can be used in this system of African-American folk magic to effect change in the world around us, plus, when taken internally, how some of these herbs may effect healing or transformation for deeper levels of awareness. In addition, this workshop acts as a bridge for those coming strictly from either a background in natural medicine or those based solely in the occult, as both elements - the secular and the spiritual -  of the roots and herbs we’ll be covering will be explored in full their expression for their uses in both magick and medicine.

Cost: $50 online, $60 at door.

Location: Wild Love Apothecary / Corazon Performing Arts

115 South Topanga Canyon Blvd, Suite A

Sat 28th: 1pm-3pm

Sun 29th: 10am-12pm

Bring a notebook/journal, pens, questions, and curiosity.


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