Wild Love Apothecary
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Our Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol comes from the sacred valley of roses, where thousands of pounds of organic rose petals are carefully steam distilled to make one pound of this pure rose hydrosol.

Just an ounce of this pure rose hydrosol in a quart of water makes the most divine, cooling and blissful rose water to drink. As a mist, the rose hydrosol is a beautifying toner, calming inflammation or redness and illuminating the skin. Rose holds the highest vibration of any flower on Earth, so using it both internally & externally creates feelings of well being, harmony, bliss and inner peace.

This heirloom rose is ancient medicine and the rose water may be enjoyed daily to balance hormones, cool the body, improve mood, open the heart chakra, calm the nerves, sooth digestion and more. A beautiful elixir to enjoy before meditation, our hydrosol may also be sprinkled over strawberries, added to cacao elixirs, coconut ice cream and so much more! A truly versatile elixir enjoyed by all and a favorite gift for new mothers, lovers, children, meditators and anyone who loves rose!